About us

Habiba Salihu Foundation is a catalyst for economic growth and financial inclusion for the poor.

A registered Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization with registration number RC: 152053 to inspire less privileges in Nigeria to gain access to fulfill livelihood and to support them to feel loved in the society.

Habiba Salihu Foundation is an organization formally founded to address the problem facing the youth and community development issues primarily working by improving on social, economic, education, health, and well-being of humanity across Nigeria and Africa to attain development goals. Our goal is to improve the human development index for the demographics through our focus areas to achieve sustainable goals.

Habiba Salihu Foundation uses innovation and technology complementary efforts to address health, education, empowerment, good governance, peace, justice, and partnership as a spectrum of development with equal opportunity to achieve sustainability. Hence, we strongly believe in community education and participation in governance and leadership, leveraging on community strengths to achieve goals and objectives for sustainability and ownership. We adopt the UN SDG, Africa youth charter, and national guidelines in providing a solution.


To Increase access and availability of information through relative means.

To Develop communities through research and evidenced-based activities tailored for them.

To Provide complementary and innovative efforts to the sustainable development goals.

To implement the Africa Youths.

To empower and promote development in Nigeria.



Our Vision

We envision a world where development in education, health, empowerment, good governance, peace and justice is respected and equally available for all.

Our Mission

To innovate, compliment, enable and empower societies with tools to help them reach their optimum potential.


To never be quite or look-away to the challenges of our society as well as work with the community to provide sustainable solutions.